T W Amigos – Hartland Style

Last night was one of our “girls’ night out.”  Kim and Jen agreed to accompany me to a horse show, so I showed my appreciation by feeding them.  A couple of times.  We even headed to the swanky Best Western of Hartland (review to follow) so we could hang out until all hours of the night.  That turned out to be around 10, because Jen crashed like a house of cards in a hurricane. 

We were eager to try Amigos, which seemed like a fairly new establishment.  I don’t usually travel to that side of town, and happened to notice it when I was exiting the freeway.  We headed over there, starving,  and I should have know that it would be a disappointing meal after we entered.  The first smell to greet your senses is not that of wonderfully prepared food, but the reek of cigarette smoke.  We asked for the non-smoking section, which was right next to the bar, and all I could smell was smoke.  We should have left, and hindsight is priceless.

Getting prepped for our big night out.

The salsa and chips weren’t so bad, thought the salsa was bland and more like tomato paste than salsa.

Here is the bland salsa.  There was also a green salsa, but it tasted mostly of vinegar.

Jen ordered fajitas.  Here is the plate of fixings for it.  The rice was similar to what you would get at a coney island.  Tasteless.  The beans were so salty that none of us could eat them.

Jen was very disappointed with the presentation.  She ordered the combo, which came with shrimp, chicken, and beef.  The shrimp was great, but the other meat was served in big chunks, not smaller slices that fit in tortillas.  The veggies were the same. The green peppers were quartered.  She complained that there was too much cheese, too.

Kim's chicken nachos. The chicken was shredded, but she didn’t like the way it was spiced. She didn’t have much to say about her meal, except that it gave her a stomach ache.  Jen’s gave her indigestion.

Here is my dinner – chile rellenos stuffed with chicken.  Or that’s what I thought I was ordering.  I asked if there were onions, and was told no.  See that gross glop on top?  That is a mash of onions and some other indescribable ingredient.  Don’t know what it was, and scraped most of it off my food.  It was gross.

The other disappointment was the chile rellenos.  They were supposed to be chicken chile rellenos, not cheese chile rellenos with shredded chicken dumped on top.  The chicken seasoning had a very strange, slightly unpleasant flavor.  I ended up scraping that off, and just eating the chilies – which weren’t cooked all the way.  This meal was just a disaster.

The service was pleasant, but very, very slow. The place was very busy, with most customers heading to the bar first, and then being shown to a table, lugging their booze with them.  Since the only thing I could smell was the cigarette smoke, the food was doubly unappealing.  I will say that you get a lot of food, but this is a clear case of quantity over quality.  Cost for three meals - $33 bucks.  If it wasn’t for the chips, we would have had to stop at Taco Bell for something to fill us up.

Chances of eating here again – only if I’m dragged kicking and screaming.

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