Blue Fin – Howell Style

After the craptastic meal at TW Amigos, I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to try another new restaurant.  My fears were happily unfounded, and Blue Fin turned out to be a wonderful meal.  Great service, nice surroundings, and very tasty food.

Things got rolling with a bowl of miso.  It was saltier than normal, but there were many chunks of tofu floating around it the murky depths of the bowl.

Getting ready for a sushi binge


The salad was better than the typical pale lettuce served at most sushi places.  The dressing was an unappetizing color, but there was a nice variety of lettuce and no onions!

Is that foundation or dressing? 

Tea!  I had many, many cups of this.  The waiter made us feel special with all the attention he gave us, refilling our cups as soon as they were empty.

We ordered a few rolls to get in the mood for raw fish.

The eel and tuna is Jen’s. We weren’t allowed to touch them.  For some reason, Kim and I had to share the eel rolls and the shrimp tempura rolls.

What delicious treasure is hiding in this box?

It’s Kim’s eel bowl.  She was greedy and didn’t offer any to the rest of us.

Oh!  Here is my chirashi.  The only thing missing was tamago.  I had to order them afterward.

Feast your eyes on all of those succulent pieces of raw fish!

I wish there had been a few more veggies sprinkled in, otherwise, this was the best chirashi I’ve had in a while.

My tamago!

I used to hate these things.  Who in their right mind puts sugar in their egg??  I must have gotten used to them, because now I can’t get enough.

I went all out and even ordered dessert!  Green tea ice cream, anyone?  Too bad, I wasn’t about to share.

Yum!  Not too filling and hopefully not too full of calories.

Here is Jen’s dessert.  Flaming ice cream. 

This got extra points because the waiter set it on fire.  Flames always deserve extra attention!

We all attacked this with gusto.  So much for not so many calories.

I knew this place would be great when they sat us near a horse!

This was a fun, relaxing meal. The service was phenomenal, and the food was superb.  The three of us ate like little fiends, adding to the tab when we realized how good everything was.  Total came to 81 bucks, but we pounded down the sushi!  And the ice cream! 

I highly recommend Blue Fin if you’re passing through Howell.

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  1. Laurie and Audie says:
    BLUE FIN ROCKS!!!!!!

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