Riding Update

Last week I had a couple of really good riding lessons.  The weather is finally starting to warm up, too, so spending time at the barn isn’t so unpleasant.

Tuesday, I rode Nyk in a show bridle for the first time.  It went very well.  He didn’t pull on the bridle and he just trucked along like he is supposed to.  I have to work on keeping his nose in, and not let him charge down the rail. 

Wednesday I rode him again in a training bridle.  Over all it was a good lesson, but he kept burying his head.  Thursday, I headed to the other barn, and I rode Caveat, which always means lots of no stirrup work.  He is the horse that will travel along the rail with no reins.  Still freaks me out that I ride him with no stirrups and no reins and he stays on the rail.

I sort of fell off the horse a few times, while trying to rotate around in the saddle.  While I think this was supposed to help with my balance, I think all it really did was give the trainer something to laugh about.  When you think about it, she has to watch all of this bad riding, which probably makes her want to cry, so every now and again she needs a way to make herself smile.  Watching your students clumsily attempt to turn around in the saddle must be a form of stress relief.

On Friday, I rode Nyk again.  Amber was in the lesson, too, and we worked on cantering down the center of the arena.  In a straight line.  While I can usually pick the correct lead going the long way down the center, I just can’t get the horse to travel in a straight line.  Still, simple lead changes were nothing to Nyk, though he made me work at asking him.  He didn’t cut me any slack.

Today is the awards banquet for the academy show season.  I hate going to these things, but I am forcing myself to go and try to be a little more social.  It will also give me an excuse to try uploading pictures with the new cell phone.

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