Lesson 7.14


After sliding through the snow to the farm, I found that there would only be three of us brave enough (or stupid enough) to fight the huge snow flakes that started falling about 3.  It was cold and with many layers of clothes to hinder my movements, I waddled from my car to the barn.

I was about 20 minutes early because I knew that driving out be bad.  Harley and Sammy were both tacked, and even though I was early, I was still late to the lesson, even with help getting Wild Child ready.  Everyone just wanted to get back home in case the weather worsened.

D had asked who I wanted to ride, and I asked if he meant besides my horse.  He told me that they had already worked her (boo!), but gave me several other choices.  Jimmy just pisses me off, Pepper and I don't get along, so I settled for Wild Child, even though she scares the crap out of me at the canter.

After warming up the horses, we worked on trotting, and M was very pleased with how Wild Child looked at the posting trot.  She has a fun trot, and I think she would make a great walk/trot horse.  Her canter is out of control, but she's really fun to trot around.  We trotted figure 8's, which is a lot of work on her, because she hasn't been taught to turn and bend.  She's a work in process.

M had the kids canter their horses first, and when Harley lumbered by, Wild Child thought he was getting a little too fresh with her and she snapped at him.  Any horse that is within a three foot radius of her is a little too close for her comfort, and she is very swift to point this out.

When it was our turn, we started on the left lead, which is Wild Child's (and mine) good way.  She picked up the correct lead, and didn't even careen around the arena like normal.  She was slow (for her), and I didn't even have the feeling that I was about to be thrown from the saddle at any time.  She did try to take a chunk out of Harley as we cantered passed him, which had M laughing because she said it looked so funny.

When we reversed, Wild Child picked up the wrong lead. Again.  Every time I try to get the right lead, she doesn't get it.  When I tried again, she picked up the correct lead, but I was caught a little off guard and I used the reins to balance myself, pulling to the right.  This caused the horse to veer into the middle of the arena, and it took two circles before I was able to straighten her out.  You can't go as fast in a circle, so as she slowed down, I was able to get my balance back.

This direction was not fun, and I mainly hung on for dear life.  I was extremely happy when M called for the walk.  Maybe I should have ridden Jimmy after all.

Then Kim wanted to practice one of her patterns, a 4 loop serpentine.  It was ugly when Wild Child and I tried it, but we completed the pattern at the required trot and I think I got most of the diagonal changes correct.

Next M showed us how to address the reins.  This particular exercise left me utterly clueless.  Since I don't ride equitation, I don't have to know how to do it, and I had certainly never heard of it before.  Basically, when in the line up and with the judge watching, each rider sets the buckles of the reins on the horse's neck, and then proceeds to pick them back up in a mystifying manner, all without looking down.  It seemed pointless to me, and made me declare how happy I was not to be 13.

D mentioned that they are probably going to take Blondie to the next academy show, and Abby and I will ride her.  I am hoping this means that I will be able to ride her more during the week.  I also think Robert should ride her at the show, because D said that he is the only other person besides himself who can get her head crammed way back.

M also gave me the show schedule for this summer, which I folded up and stuck in my coat pocket.  When I arrived back home, it was missing, and now I'm wondering where it fell out!