Awards Banquet

Sunday was a super busy day.  First, I headed off to the barn to visit my ponies.  I rode Nyk in a full bridle and then took a very brief spin on Blondie.  Neither horse was worked for very long, but they worked well, so that was all good. 

Then I stopped at home and changed out of my riding clothes.  The awards banquet was at Baker’s and I had to be there around 2.  I hate these social functions, because I’m not a very social person.  I forced myself to go, anyway.  I packed up the camera and off I went.

Getting all ready to head into the festivities

This is the only reason I went.  So I could feast on bland catered food.

The mac and cheese was awesome!  The mashed potatoes were good, too, but the gravy was very salty.  The chicken was, well, kind of tasteless, but most chicken is.  The beans weren’t hot sellers, and I kinda realized why after I ate a few.

This is Audie – she had too much sugar and was a little out of control.  We are used to her and her weird behavior, though, so hardly anyone stared at her as she wiggled around on the bench.

Yay!  The high point winners were given a bag with a horse embroidered on it.  I got one!  And I also was given a red, gold, and white reserve ribbon.  Yay, Nyk!  He really did all of the work, but I don’t think he would want either the bag or the ribbon.

Another happy bag winner!

So happy to have won a reserve championship ribbon!  Oh, yay, she got herself a bag, too, so almost everyone from the barn will be sporting the spiffy bits of luggage around this summer.

Overall, this was a fun afternoon.  What wasn’t so fun was driving home in the rain – which turned into snow halfway there.  Ugh!!  It was like a blizzard when I got home!  So much for spring.  Now I have a sore throat from the weather change.

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