Obstacles are Nothing!

Last week was a rather hectic week, so here’s a quick update -

The chiropractor was out on Wednesday, and both of my ponies were out of commission for a few days afterwards.  Blondie was especially messed up, and she could hardly walk after getting realigned.  She must have slipped on the ice when she was on turn out during the winter, and M has been saying that she hadn’t been tracking right for a while.  She didn’t feel off, but she was the horse that needed the most work.  Nyk’s neck was stiff, and since last week, he has been able to flex more in the second direction.

I rode Ritz on Wednesday in the group lesson, and my terror of the horse has lessened a little.  Her canter the second way just makes me very, very nervous, like I’m going to pop out the saddle and fall into the dirt.  The first way was great – I am getting stronger and more balanced, and didn’t have much trouble feeling secure.  The other direction is still a challenge, though.

Friday, after a quick lesson with Nyk, it was over the Amber’s house for the first video night.  A couple of us got together to hang out and watch videos and snack on junk that we brought over.  I must be a horse otaku because I was very excited to watch the 2007 Stake Night at Louisville.  My horses will never be that beautiful, but I don’t think I would ever want to show there, anyway.  Talk about high pressure. Don’t think I could do it.

Sunday was very interesting.  M went to a riding camp the day before, and she used me and Nyk as guinea pigs.  She placed ground poles at the halfway point on the straightaway, and then we had to walk, trot, and canter over them, keeping a steady pace the entire time.  Nyk likes to surge down the rail, and having the ground poles there made it easier for me to check him back when he started to get faster.    It was a very useful exercise, and hopefully I’ll remember to use visual points in the ring in the future to rate the horse’s speed.

Next up was Blondie, and that did not go well at all.  She felt jumpy when I got on her, and when we were supposed to be trotting down the rail to get warmed up, she decided to crow hop the entire way down. I never felt that I was not in control or was going to fall off, but D had me get off and he took her for a few spins to get her thinking about working.  It didn’t really work, and when I got back on, she was just being an idiot.  It was a day that she felt the need to act like a mare, and it was starting to get pointless trying to do anything with her.  Instead, we spent a lot of time walking back and forth in front of the scary gate, or trotting into corners and standing with her head pressed against the wall.  This never fails to happen – when Nyk is an angel, Blondie is a demon.  Grrr.

Karen finally found a new pony for the show season. The mare is very sweet, and seems like she’ll be fun to show.  I think that most of us are ready to get the season under way – only a few more weeks until the first show.

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