Waiting for the Games to Begin

Show season is fast approaching, and that means lots of work trying to get ready for it.  Winter returned briefly last weekend, and I hope that it’s gone for good before the show.  It’s not much fun sitting around when it’s only about 30 degrees.

Tuesday I rode Harley, and we did some no stirrup work.  This has always been very hard for me, because he is so lame.  It still wasn’t easy, but I didn't have that I’m going to fall off at any moment feeling.  The lesson went very well, and I even had him crawling down the rail for a pass or two.  Good old Harley tries his best when you ask him.

Wednesday, it was just me and Tina, so we had a little horse show.  I rode Nyk in a full bridle, and it went really well.  His canter was so smooth the first way, but kind of fell apart after the reverse.  M said that she will canter him in the jog cart and see if she can get him to slow down the second way.  We also walked for a long, long time to remind him to be mannerly.  He does not like to walk, and he finds it very boring.  So do I.

Thursday, I rode Tag in a full bridle.  He is really fun!  I was having a problem keeping him up on the snaffle rein, though.  And we cut corners like crazy, so S kept reminding me that I needed to steer.  This was a very uplifting lesson, partly due, I think, to the wonderful weather.  I have so much more energy when the sun is out and it is warm.

Yesterday, I only worked part of the day, so I headed over to the barn early.  I was hoping to be in and out quickly, but that didn’t happen.  The dentist was there, and another student, so it was pretty much hurry up and wait the entire morning.  I didn’t remember paying the dentist the last time he was out, which meant that he didn’t look at either horse.  M thought that he had worked on Nyk, but I insisted that he take another look in his mouth, anyway.  Sure enough, the snippers came out, and then the files, and Nyk was soon under the dentist’s ministrations.  Blondie just needed a little touch up.  I think it’s funny that it cost about a third as much to have 2 horses done than one Buu. 

I drove Nyk, and he went like a little dream, and then I rode Blondie.  She was much better than she was last Sunday.  M did warm both of them up for me, but Blondie even stood in cross ties, so maybe she was just having a hormonal day last week.

I have decided not to drive either horse at the first show; I think things will be hectic enough as everyone tries to get back into the show groove.  After seeing how Nyk went around yesterday, though, I’m kind of sorry that he won’t be driving.  He looked so cute!  Blondie hasn’t been hooked yet this year, so not driving her is a good idea.  She is always an idiot the first few times that she’s in harness, and then she remembers how to go with the cart. 

No riding on Easter; we are heading to Port Huron for Sunday brunch with part of the family.

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