Getting Ready for the Show

The first show of the season is next weekend, so we are getting prepped for it.  Show bridles are back on stall doors, and Nyk’s tack came in, so he has a nice, shiny new bridle and girth.  Why are the reins so slippery??  I forgot what a pain it is breaking in new leather.

Tuesday, Nyk worked very well.  He’s ready for the show.  Wednesday, Blondie didn’t work so well.  She is not ready for the show.  She did get her shoes put back on, but I had a problem riding her in a German martingale.  She just doesn’t go well in one for me, and I can’t get her head up.  The last time I tried to use one she got all stupid, crow hopping down the rail and just being a pain in the rear.  After this lesson, M got on a tried to show me what I was doing wrong.  I decided that I’m just going to use a regular martingale from now on.  There is just something about the German martingale and Blondie that doesn’t work for me.

I was getting a little apprehensive during the week, because Blondie still hadn’t been worked in her show bridle.  She always puts up a fuss the first few times she wears it.  Friday rolled around, and M had me lunge Blondie while she worked with Zoe and Jimmy.  Then she took Blondie for a few spins in the full bridle.  The horse worked pretty well for me after that. 

After I untacked Blondie, M told me to get Nyk ready so we could try his new bridle.  The leather is so stiff!  And slippery!  Both of the reins are flat, too, so I’m going to have to find a braided snaffle rein.  I just get confused with two smooth reins. 

It was nice enough that we even went outside and worked in the outdoor arena.  Amber and Harley went with us, and we had a little horse show.  It is so nice being able to ride a horse and not worry about it spooking at every little thing.  I would have spent almost the entire time with Blondie fighting to get her around the ring.  Nyk just goes merrily along, happy to do his job.  What a difference between the two horses.

Thursday I wasn’t feeling well, so I had to cancel my lesson at barn #2.  I was very disappointed about that, because I really wanted another lesson before the show.

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