Quick Update from the Show

It is way past my bedtime, so here is the quick version of tonight’s events.

Tonight was the first time that I would be riding Nyk at a real show.  Things are always crazy the first night of a show, so I didn’t get to warm him up beyond a trot in each direction.  Then it was into the show ring!  Wonderful!  Good thing he doesn’t need much of a warm-up.

Nyk was a perfect gentleman!  He did everything that I asked him to do, and he didn’t even take off flying down the rail.  He did try to get a little quick, but he checked back when I asked.  We even got to reverse and trot!  Not reverse and walk. Reverse and trot!  That is my favorite part of the class.  It is so exciting to cut through the ring and really strut your stuff for the judge.

We ended up in first place!!  Yay!  I felt kind of stupid when our number was called, because I forgot to look at Nyk’s number.  Everything was such a rush, I kind of forget to look.  So when they called the number, I didn’t know whose it was, until after a long pause, and then they said Nyk’s name.  Oops!

The victory pass was also a little amusing.  My little pony was so excited by that time that he took off at a canter and I couldn’t get him back down to a trot.  He was so happy to be out there he just couldn’t contain himself.  Silly pony!

We took Blondie for a test drive after the last class, and while she wasn’t awful, she was certainly a handful.  Tomorrow’s class should be interesting.

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