Morning Session

The morning session was freaking crazy.  M and Zoe almost missed their class, and then Laurie got confused and had to get dressed in about 3 minutes.  Fun times all around.  Zoe was extremely flustered by having to rush, and I don’t blame her for being upset about that.  It’s stressful enough going into a class, but having to rush around and not get an opportunity to warm up your horse makes it even more difficult.

Blondie was in the middle of the morning session, and she did better then I thought she would.  The first way she was fairly solid, but the second way she would not walk straight along the rail.  She keep veering into the middle.  Like way into the middle.  Like a little too close for comfort to the judge.  Sigh.  We’ll do better tomorrow morning.

Nyk goes again this afternoon and then tonight.  I wish he was only going once today – it is so hot!  I can’t believe this weather.  If it wasn’t for the breeze, it would be unbearable.  And it’s only April!!

Laurie, despite having to get ready in record time, won her class on the new horse, Leela.  They looked great, so the secret to her success is to think that you ride in the evening, even though you ride in the morning, and then get your suit, tie, and hair in a bun in 3 minutes.  So funny!

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