Afternoon Session

The name the of the game this afternoon was rain, rain, rain.  It just poured at around 1pm, then it was touch and go after that.  It rained so much that the classes were warming up in the arena because it was too muddy in the warm up ring, and nobody wanted shoes pulled off.  Needless to say, I haven’t been able to make much use of my camera, either.

There was much drama and heartbreak this today for the kids.  Sarah was excused from her class because Wild Child started acting up when she asked for the canter, hopping and being a bad, bad girl.  It’s not anything that Sarah couldn’t handle, but the judge didn’t know that, and so she was excused from the class.  It turns out that the mare’s curb bit was too tight; no wonder she was so pissed off.  Sarah rode her again in the afternoon, and other than an occasional bobble, things were good. 

Nyk’s second class was late in the afternoon session.  We had a brief warm-up, and then it was into the ring.  This was a great class, because I learned something new.  I discovered the true meaning of road trot.  It does not mean kick up as fast as you possibly can.  No, sir!  It means a noticeable difference in speed.  Nyk and I were at warp speed, but we still managed to win the class.  Yay!