The New Countdown Begins

Me and Blondie

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a week since the horse show!  It has flown by!  The euphoria is starting to fade, so it’s a good thing that there’s another one in two weeks.  I am counting down the days.

I am all fired up now with the successes at the show. I was finally able to see pictures of Blondie from the show, and I had her head set the best I ever had!  Now I have to work on driving her forward and getting more impulsion so she trots higher. 

Nyk is easy to show, but I need to concentrate on keeping him slow and driving him forward, too.  I decided to take him to Gold Cup, and we are going to mainly drive there to get qualified for OKC.  The Spring Show is in two weeks, and I’ll be driving and riding him in two classes each.  Blondie will be in three riding classes.

Lessons during the week were really hard!  My legs were sore after riding so much over the weekend, and then we did no stirrup work every night but Wednesday.  Ouch!  My thighs have been cramping up, so I need to remember to drink more water with the warmer temperatures.

Tuesday I rode Nyk, and while we didn’t drill him every hard, I worked on the sitting trot serpentines.  I started with no stirrups, and tried to work into using my irons.  My seat just wasn’t deep enough to keep from bouncing around in the saddle, though.  I haven’t discovered the secret yet, but I won’t quit until I figure it out!

Wednesday night was Blondie’s turn, and it was so frustrating.  She wouldn’t stop pulling on the bit or shaking her head.  I wish I knew how to make her stop doing it!  I guess I must cut her some slack for working so hard during the weekend, but that doesn’t mean that she can take advantage of the situation.  It is very aggravating when I try to be light with my hands and give on the bridle, but she then takes the opportunity to drop her head.

Thursday I rode Lucky in a show bridle, and we did so much no stirrup work!  Lots of cantering circles, which I really felt the next day.  S also didn’t like that I was holding my arms out so much, which was a result of riding Blondie the night before, so she put a whip across them and had me trot around, keeping it balanced.  So hard! I was able to keep it perched precariously across my arms for much, much longer than previous attempts. Yay!

Friday night was a fantastic lesson, one of the best I’ve had with one of my horses in a long time.  Again, lots of no stirrup work.  Posting trots with inside iron dropped, or with both dropped.  Ouch!  I rode Nyk, and didn’t have much trouble doing whatever I was asked. 

Today, I rode Blondie, and she was good until the end of the lesson, when she started spooking at the back gate again.  Then I drove Nyk, and he was great.  He likes to drive, and he looks really cute doing it.  Only problem is keeping him at a flat walk.  He thinks he is a roadster packed into his classic pleasure body.  We will do well driving, IF I can keep him from jigging down the rail.

This morning, Sarah rode Congo.  That was fun to watch.  He is a skittish two year old.  Sarah, you are more gutsy that me, by far!!  You did great!  It was funny watching D running along side them with the lunge line, too.  

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