Status Quo


The week has been pretty uneventful, other than being very busy.  Had mixed success during the week with both horses, but had great rides today. 

Tuesday I rode Blondie with a show bridle, and she was her usual skittish, spooky self.  I am getting better at giving on the bridle, even when she is being stupid, so all was not in vain.  Bad habit that continues to plague me – I hold the right curb rein tighter than the left, and that just pisses her off.  Now that I am aware of this problem, I am better able to correct it, because I at least think to check the reins now.

Wednesday was Nyk’s turn, and he was a very pushy pony.  We used his training bridle, but he forgot his Ws – whoa and walk.  M had to remind him after the lesson.  We started with a draw rein, but that was just making him bury his head between his knees, so after a few trips around, I rode him with just the snaffle rein.  It is still weird riding without a martingale, and I think that was freaking me out a little.  It’s not like he’s going to go anywhere, he just develops a deafness when he’s asked to do anything slower than a trot.

Friday we rode outside with the show bridle, and Nyk sort of remembered how to walk.  He got a refresher on this, and we walked, and walked, and walked.  I was having a problem keeping him up on the snaffle, but it was because I wasn’t catching him fast enough when he started dropping his head.

Today was a great day at the barn.  The weather was lovely for a ride, and both of the horses worked well in their show bridles.  Nyk went like a little trooper, and because Blondie had plenty of company in the ring, she didn’t even think about getting stupid.  The key to keeping her from getting silly is to work her with another horse in the arena, and I am really starting to think it is as simple as that.  I hope there are lots of horses in her classes at the show next weekend, so we can both relax and concentrate on showing, not getting scared of ghosts.

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