Bahama Breeze – Livonia Style

Saturday was gray and rainy, so we went to Bahama Breeze for a shot of fake sunshine. This place is very pricey, but I do like to go there for a treat about once every two years.  I didn’t even order what I really wanted because they don’t have a lunch portion, and I didn’t feel like spending 17 bucks on my entree.  Dean ordered it instead, the jerk.

Settling in for my meal

We started with Fire Roasted Jerk Shrimp.  You can never go wrong with shrimp!

This was very tasty – the shrimp were served in a buttery mess of roasted garlic, tomatoes, and the bane of my existence, onions.  It was accompanied with a loaf of warm, crusty bread that was perfect for sopping up the glop in the skillet.

Dean’s Paella – this is what I wanted, but the price held me back

My lunch, salmon pasta, lunch portion.  It was little disappointing.

Despite having many of my favorite green things, basil and spinach, the mango cream sauce was bland and tasteless.  Some pepper flakes should zip up the leftovers.

Look!  The sugar packets have their logo printed on them

Dean’s banana supreme.  This was a large serving of spice-nut bread, ice cream, and bananas.  I ate the mint leaves!

My dessert – chocolate island – this was divine. 

The mousse was light and fluffy, and the sliced almonds gave it a nice texture. The brownie was disappointing, though, and had the consistency of a hockey puck.

Lunch with tip what a whopping 65 bucks.  I don’t think it was worth it this trip, and it will be a while before we go again.  The service has certainly improved, and we were approached by several servers to inquire about whether we needed anything. However,  I am still suffering from sticker shock.  They need to seriously tweak their pricing scheme.

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