Spring Show – Abbreviated Version

Nyk and my awesome hat

Here is a quick wrap up of the show last weekend.  While I enjoy showing in the Coliseum, the fairgrounds are an utter dump.  The same trash was strewn about the grounds from the ASHAM show, and as it's the governor's fondest desire to close it down completely so it can sit vacant for the next several years, declining further, I guess it was silly of me to expect that they are actually maintaining the property.

Nyk's classes went without a hitch, but we blew the championship again!  He just gets so strong and forward on the bridle, and I can't keep him from racing around the arena.  I think that if someone warmed him up first, he wouldn't have been so out of control. 

Blondie's practice ride was the usual struggle, as she shied and spooked during her refresher in the arena.  D could get her to stay on the rail, but I could not.  She was especially terrified of blue trash cans this time around.  Sigh.

Audie and Bentley

Our first class was not so pretty, and we were 5th out of 7.  The Show Pleasure Novice class, though, was the best we've had.  She bridled very nicely and behaved herself.  We were 3rd out of 8, and I was thrilled with that. 

The championship class didn't go right from the get-go.  Blondie wouldn't open her mouth when she was being bridled, and she just started getting all pissed off in her stall.  In the ring she was acting like a total wench.  Once we got into the show ring she was spookier than the day before and she resisted at the walk.  Still, we placed, when usually we don't.  I was tired, she was tired, and we were both ready for the show to be over.

Alexis and her borrowed pony

A couple of things were very frustrating this time around.  I warmed up my horses, and I don't think I'm the best qualified to do that.  I wish that the trainers had at least warmed up Blondie so she would have gone along a little easier.  For one class, Blondie and I were left pretty much to our own devices because another rider was in the ring right before us.  I hate that.  Other trainers made sure the horse didn't kill me, but it would have been nice to have one of MY trainers within shouting distance.  I often feel that where Blondie is concerned, she is not the priority, and that makes no sense to me.  She is a reflection of her training, and I believe that she can perform better than she has.  Why am I the only one that feels that way?