Puppy Snugglies!


After the horse show last weekend, I took things a little easier during the week to recover.  Tuesday I took off, and during the Wednesday lesson I rode Nyk.  It was pretty uneventful.

Thursday at the other barn was really tough because I hadn’t been pushing myself.  Standing changes the first way were torture, and my balance was off the entire time.  Gah! With Gold Cup coming up, I have to get back on track.

Friday I rode Nyk again because they are doing work in the arena and replacing damaged boards.  The different colored sheets of plywood and missing sections would have messed with Blondie’s fragile psyche.  We took Nyk outside and I drove him in the big outdoor arena.  This was very pleasant.  The weather was perfect, and he just did what he was supposed to.  I have discovered that I don’t realize when he is getting heavy on the bridle when I’m driving him.  It is easier to tell when he is walking, which we did a lot, but when he’s trotting, he wasn’t setting his head very well. 

Sunday was a great day.  Started with Nyk, and he worked well, and then got Blondie ready.  I rode her in blinkers because the arena is still being repaired.  She was very good, even if she didn’t want to set her head.  I didn’t fight with her over it, and instead worked on standing changes and other balance exercises. 

During riding sessions yesterday, I kept going to the upper barn to play with the puppy.  One of the barn help has been bring her and she stays in the entryway to the restroom.  So cute!  At first she was a little scared when I picked her up, but she quickly got over that and started cuddling.  Puppies are so awesome, and there is nothing quite like puppy kisses.  She is 8 weeks old and so far nobody has been immune to her charms.

After I put my horses away, I stayed to watch Elmer’s first day under saddle.  The guy who owns the puppy likes to break colts, so he told M he would help her with the horse.  It was pretty interesting, and by the time I left, he had Elmer trotting and cantering around the round pen, with no drama.  No bucks or rearing or bad behavior. 

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