The Party Bus

I left a little unexpectedly for Gold Cup today. I decided to ride down with M and the girls in the motor home. It's just as boring to drive through Ohio as I remembered. In the racetrack of the world, we were the turtle today, because in addition to traveling in a really big vehicle, we were also towing a two horse trailer behind. Aftering trying to figure out why the a/c wouldn't work, we realized that we had decided to hook up to a dead power box. After pulling in all of the slides and unplugging all of the cables, we moved forward about 100 feet and tried again. Yup, the first site had power issues. We had to relevel and then hook everything back up again. Wasted about an hour. After enjoying a dinner prepared by Chef Boyarde, everyone else headed back to the stalls to set up, and I remained to chill. Of course the fuse blew, leaving me with no a/c again. Ok, that's it for a quick update because typing out a post on the iPhone is painful.