Sunday at the Barn – It’s a Long Way Down…

It is really cold today; it was about 21 degrees when I headed for the barn.  I bundled up, and the turbo heater was blowing, so it wasn't too bad until we moved to the arena.

Ok - today was one of the absolute worst lessons I've had since I started riding.  Blondie was being a pill, and when D threw me up on her, he mentioned that she hadn't been worked the day before.  He wanted to see how I handled a fresher horse.  This should have been my first clue that things weren't going to go well today.

We started trotting, and as D was getting her aired up, she spun around, and I lost my balance.  I fell off.  My foot was caught in the stirrup, and I was dragged about 10 feet before the stirrup leather detached from the saddle. Parental units, don't be alarmed!  I'm fine, as Blondie was thoughtful enough to leap over me instead stepping on me after I hit the dirt.

I don't know if the lighter D was firing off freaked her out, or if it was the steaming pile of horse crap she deposited in our path the prior time around.  I really think it was the horse poop, because she kept jumping every time we passed another mound of the stuff.  Now I am feeling pretty low, as I was dumped in front of not one, but two of my instructors.

After spitting all of the dirt out of my mouth, shaking as much of it out of my pants as possible, and wiping the muddy snot off of my upper lip, I got back on her.  The lighter was mysteriously absent for the rest of the lesson...

When we moved on to the canter, I got it both ways, but she fell out of it the second way of the ring.  Then I couldn't get her to pick it back up again.  D had me try just going back and forth along the rail, but she wasn't taking the cue.  Then he got on her and worked the crap out of her, literally.  I think she pooped three times while he was trying to remind her of the wisdom of cantering when asked the first time.

After putting the steaming Blondie away, he had me get Wild Child ready, and we just worked on cantering.  She wasn't co-operating with me, either, even though I was asking her correctly.  By this time, I was frustrated and cold, and just wanted to go back home and pretend the lesson was all a bad dream.  I wonder if Blondie will still be going to the academy show?  I really need to ride her more often, and Harley less often, if I'm ever going to get any better!