Flying Shoes

Last week I tried to take things a little easier since there isn’t another show for a month and I was still tired from Dayton.  Wednesday was a big group lesson, so we rode outside because the indoor hadn’t been watered and it was so dusty.  I rode Blondie in blinkers, and she was a good girl, but she kept tripping.  Then I thought I should just call it a day and put her to bed, but the kids wanted to play some games.  Well, I should have just listened to my instincts, because playing games was not in the cards for us.  No, sir.  During a rather tame session of Red Light, Green Light, Blondie tripped again and threw her shoe.  And it wouldn’t have been a complete experience unless she also threw off part of her foot.  Darn it!!

Blondie’s feet were reset on Thursday, so it wasn’t really that big a deal, but darn it! She hasn’t thrown a shoe in a long time.  M said that all of the mud from the show probably loosened it up, and her feet were getting long.  Now she has nice shiny hooves after her pedicure.

Friday I rode Harley in a show bridle.  What a difference a few years make!  I haven’t ridden him in a show bridle in ages, and he actually set his head for me!  He was a little rough going the second way, but we cantered with no stirrups and practiced trotting figure 8s and circles, both with and without stirrups.  It was nice to see that I have improved since I showed him last, and I wonder how we’d do if I showed him now.  Hmmmm.

Yesterday was SO HOT and humid.  It was awful. Heat index in the 100s.  Didn’t work the horses very long, mainly because I was getting too overheated!  I rode Blondie and jogged Nyk.  I was too hot to ride him.  Instead, I practiced jogging circles and figure 8s in the buggy.  It was a lot easier before the two horses and one slow person invaded the ring.  And then we jogged one of the tires right off the bike, so our practice time was over.