Ride a Paper! I Dare You!

I’m back! I was on a horsey hiatus, and it was a rather miserable week with no trips to the barn.  The rest of the gang went off to the Futurity show, but I decided not to take Nyk, because Jubilee is next week.  It is the last show that will be held at the state fairgrounds, so it was a bummer that I didn’t get to ride through the chute one last time.  It is the coolest thing, evar!

Sunday was just a goof around day, and I rode both horses.  Blondie was just a touch better behaved than Nyk.  I laughed when M suggested that I lunge Nyk before I rode him, because he doesn’t usually give me any problems, and he didn’t on Sunday, either, but he was go, go, go.  His first stop – say hello to mister wall, you silly pony, if you can’t stand still long enough for me to get myself organized.  He got to stand with his head facing the wall for a few minutes, and then we walked, and walked, and walked.  He has to flat walk next week, but he has an attention deficit disorder and keeps forgetting how to do it.

Tuesday Blondie and I tried a new pattern.  It was EPIC fail.  Out of the blue, after having no problem what so ever, she suddenly remembered that she is afraid of the back gate!  Argh!  When we were trying to canter a circle at far end of the ring, she also forgot how to canter in a circle!!  It can’t be that hard!  Horses the world over canter in a circle – why can’t my silly horse?!  She could canter a very nice circle at the OTHER end of the ring, but she became geometrically challenged every time we hit the far side of the arena.  Argh!

The group lesson last night was so much fun!  We did a lot of no stirrup work – posting with one dropped, sitting trot with no stirrups, standing changes with no stirrups.  Then we worked on the same pattern that Blondie and I failed the evening before.  And guess what?  She FORGOT how to canter a circle at the end that she isn’t afraid of!  OH. MY. GOD!!

After we worked on transitioning from a canter to a posting trot and getting the correct diagonal, we got to the really fun part of the lesson – the ride a paper contest!!  Since we didn’t have bucks, we used paper strips that I had prepped before the lesson.  Then we stripped saddles off of the horses (even though I wanted to do it with them on!), and climbed back on and had our ride a paper contest.  It got a little crazy out there, too!  I was the last adult standing, but Zoe and Audie were in it for the long haul.  It got nerve-wracking at the canter the second way, because Bobby took off like a shot, but Audie managed to hang on both her horse and her paper, and she emerged victorious!! 

A quick stop at DQ after the lesson netted me a banana pudding blizzard, and then it was time to head home.  I was exhausted, and today my legs are a little sore 🙂