A Few Setbacks

The mud pit that was Dayton.  This pony looks like he liked playing in all the mud.

The run up to OKC is getting a little hectic.  Things are the barn have been nuts, and to complicate matters, I haven’t been feeling well all week.  I decided last weekend to start taking vitamins to boost my immune system, and promptly got sick the following day.  And after I spent all of that money on the vitamins, too.  I think that it’s  a myth that they actually benefit you.

I started playing DDR again to improve my endurance, and was just starting tackle the 8 & 9 footers again when that training program had to be put on hold.  I think I am feeling well enough today to start playing again, though maybe only working on easier songs.

Last weekend I went shopping with Tina, and she helped me pick out a new driving outfit.  Then we went to Mexican Fiesta for dinner.  I ordered the pork stew and thought it was very good.  It even feed me for two more days!  Lots of leftovers.  The chips and salsa were a bit on the lame side, but the meal itself was yummy.

I rode Ritz a few lessons ago, and am getting better with her choppy canter.  Blondie became terrified of the back gate again – this time because the door was closed, instead of being open.  She is such a silly mare.  I have been riding her with blinkers so I can drop my stirrups and work on strengthening my balance and my legs.

Wednesday’s group lesson was just bizarre.  Sort of like being in the Twilight Zone.  Someone fell off and had to go to the ER, there were raccoons in the walls that kept popping up like shooting gallery targets, and the horses were a little out of control.  With the raccoons, Blondie again had to wear blinkers, and we couldn’t drop our stirrups.  Due to various fiascos and dramas the lesson started late to begin with, and afterward, I wished I had just stayed home because that was the day I started feeling really sick.  So typical.

I rode Nyk on Sunday with full cup blinkers, and that was interesting.  He was certainly paying attention to every cue I gave him, and he even used his ears.  He felt like a little souped up sports car.  Last night he didn’t work as well – M had the fire extinguisher out, but the little bursts of solvent that she blasted ahead of us only bored him.  Blondie would have lost her mind.