Sunday at the Barn – Brrrrr!

Ok, what kind of idiot goes horseback riding when it's 3 degrees?  You guessed it!  Me!

I did discover the winning combination for keeping warm. I made a mad dash to Dick's yesterday and purchased an Under Armour compression cold gear shirt, balking at the $80 price tag.  80 bucks!  For an undershirt!  I am happy to report it was worth every penny, and I'm going to buy one more.

I also purchased a pair of Mountain Hardwear heavy weight gloves. At 20 bucks on clearance, these were a little more reasonably priced than the UA shirt, but still stupidly expensive.  They are thin, have no-slip strips on the fingers, and are warmer than the Under Armour gloves that I bought at the beginning of winter.  My little fingers got cold, but all the rest stayed nice and toasty.

Decked out in expedition weight thermals, my new UA shirt and 2 other thermals, and with hand warmers tucked in the pockets of my 686 vest, I headed off to the barn.  I even took along the UA hood that I purchased in December, but haven't used because it hasn't been cold enough.  It also makes me feel like a moron when I wear it, but I figured it would fit under my helmet and keep my ears warm.  It did.

I rode Woody first, and he was rearing to go.  D said he works better in the cold.  He gets too hot in the summer. Silly horse; he has it backward!  I had a hard time getting him to trot (again) but eventually got it right.  We slow gaited and racked, and he just flew around the arena.  He is a blast to rack on.  Then we cantered, and I couldn't keep my butt in the saddle.  I hung on for dear life with my knees and thighs, and just hovered in the saddle.  M told me to sit, but D told her I was ok, I was hanging on, and the horse wasn't out of control.  He said he's a lot of horse, and I have to agree.

Next I got Blondie ready while M shivered in front of the heater with Woody.  The ride on Blondie was shorter.  They don't like to work the horses very hard with the weather the way it is. 

Other than a couple of hiccups getting the canter the second way, I had a really good ride on Blondie.  Both D and M said she looked really cute at the trot.  When I got off, D said that she's mental the second way, and I had to admit that I was, too.  He agreed, and lunge line lessons would help with that.  He also said it was a great ride, and maybe I need to fall off a little more often. Heeheee.  That's so funny....

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