Lesson 7.17

It was another frigid evening, but I thought of a new way to keep warm.  I taped a hand warmer to the back of my vest!  Why didn't I think of using those little wonders last year?  Like on Sunday, only my little fingers were cold; the rest of me was warm as toast.

Tonight's lesson was with Robert, Abby, and Kim.  Abby rode Woody, and she had a hard time getting him to trot, too.  It made me feel a little better.  Robert rode Dee Dee, and Kim rode Sammy.

D helped me get Blondie ready, and then everybody made fun of me when I pulled on my ninja hood (Under Armour hood mine is pink).  I didn't care, because they were all wearing stupid hats.  Kim even managed to get her helmet to fit over a thick, wooly hat.  The colors clashed, unlike my pink and purple ensemble.

One of the boarders decided she needed to lunge her horse during our lesson.  This was not a smart thing to do, as most of the horses surrounding her were rather game.  Abby was fighting with Woody almost the whole lesson, and occasionally they would careen out of control any which way.  The lady and her horse finally left.  I think we made her nervous.

Blondie, who won't canter when I want her to, took off in a nice, pretty canter right off the bat - too bad we were supposed to be trotting.  M told me to just sit back and enjoy, as she looked so nice.  She would burn off some energy, too.

When I finally got her to walk, D asked for a posting trot.  Blondie obeyed, until she saw a horse in front of her.  Then she started to speed up, and before I knew, we were cantering again.  Argh! Stupid, stupid horse!  I got her to trot again, heard a clunk, and D told us to stop.  She threw a shoe!

Normally, the lesson would have been over after this.  D, however, went out to his truck and came back with his tool box.  It took him about as long to get his stuff as it took him to nail her shoe back on.  It's a good thing when the trainer doubles as the farrier.

Besides making us trot forever, and canter forever, D went pretty easy on us.  When he called for the line up, he didn't say which way we should be facing, so it was the ugliest line up ever.  Abby and Woody were the wrong way and Blondie was crooked because she wouldn't stretch forward.  As we sat in the line up, the steam from the horses clouding our vision, D decided we were finished.  Nobody wanted to be there for an hour drying them off.

While we were putting the horses away, I learned that Kim and Sammy are going to the show on Saturday, too.  I wonder who else is going to ride Sammy?  D said that Abby would ride Blondie.  Too bad my class is first.  I would have rather ridden her after she's had a little more exercise.  

Tomorrow (Friday) I'm driving out to MSU to ride in the arena with Blondie before the show.  I made reservations at the Howard Johnson down the road, because I didn't want to have to get up at 5, worry about the weather, and be there by 8.  M emailed me today that they delayed the start time to 10 because of the cold weather.  I guess I'll throw a couple of books in my bag and chill a little since I shouldn't have to be there until 9 on Saturday.

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