Friday Night – Prepping for the Horse Show

Friday night, I checked into the Howard Johnson on Trowley before heading over to the Pavilion.  It took a little longer than it should have, as I followed the incorrect directions I had just received from the desk clerk.  He sent me in the opposite direction!!

Got to the barn/arena after figuring out my mistake.  Kim was already there, and I helped unload the horse trailer.  D hooked up the turbo heater, and just like magic, we had a little bit of warmth. The barn was so cold.

Had Blondie ready to take on a spin around the teeny tiny little arena a little after 8pm.  Kim rode Sammy, and at first we just let the horses get used to their surroundings. Sammy, being an old pro at this, couldn't have cared less that he was in a new environment, but Blondie was a little jumpy, especially when we moved by the rail were the chairs are set up. 

D had us exit the arena, and then we had a little horse show.  Blondie would not flat walk, and she kept trotting when she should have been walking.  Then she wouldn't canter when I asked. When she did canter, the ring was so small that she fell out of it when I pulled her back to nice, easy speed.  She has a fairly large stride, so the arena seemed even smaller. 

After putting the horses away, a small group of us headed to Stillwater for dinner.  I had the wasabi lime tuna, which didn't taste like wasabi at all.  By the time M and I arrived at the hotel, it was about 11:30 - way past my bedtime!  D went back home, because he had to pick up Sara and Zoe in the morning.

I couldn't sleep at all Friday night, and when M got up at 6:30 to get ready to go feed the horses, I was so tired.  I got up after she left and felt better after a shower and a cup of coffee.  The breakfast buffet at the HoJo was a joke, and I couldn't get my laptop connected to their wireless network.  When I first checked in, there were no supplies in the room (soap, shampoo, tissues), and I am now less than impressed with the chain.  I don't think I'll be staying at another one any time soon.

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