Lesson 7.18

This post is late because I didn't want to share my frustrations yet.  I had a horrible lesson that started on Blondie, but because I having such an awful time riding her, I was switched to Sammy.  Here are the hideous details:

Once again, the temps were in the low teens.  It takes total dedication or utter stupidity to go riding when it's that cold.  There were four students, Laurie, Audie, Kim, and myself. 

Out in the arena, we warmed the horses up, and then had a simple (in theory) task:  trot a straight line to the end and stop.  Sounds pretty simple, huh?  Well, none of us could do it!  Blondie kept ducking out at the end, Laurie was having trouble on Wild Child, who for a change lived up to her name, and to be honest, I was too busy struggling with Blondie to see what Kim and Audie were doing.

Poor D!  His students can't even trot a straight line!  You'd think we had never ridden before.  He had us go back to trotting around the entire arena, and again I couldn't get Blondie to ride the corners.  She wouldn't walk for me, or stop for me, and then she wouldn't even go forward for me. 

I was getting so frustrated that I finally stopped by M and asked her what the hell I was doing wrong.  She said I wasn't sitting on the horse, my hands were too high, and my arms were too far out in front of me. 

D had called the other students to the middle of the arena by this time, and when I joined them, he announced that we were switching horses.  Kim got Blondie, I got Sammy, Laurie moved to Harley and Audie would be riding Wild Child.  After we all were remounted, he had us all trot.  He tried having us just work the rails again, but we still all sucked at it.

Then he had just Kim and myself canter.  Most of the time I was riding Sammy I was just trying to get him to slow down.  I wasn't as nervous about him ducking out on me, though, so I was able to focus on riding him and not so much on not falling off.

By the end of this lesson, I was really, really frustrated.  I don't know what the problem is with riding my own horse!  Kim had her looking great, and she was able to drive her into corners.  Argh!  I hated horses at the end of this lesson!

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