Lesson 2, Block 6

Well, show season is finally over!  Lessons resumed at the barn, and all of the saddlebred people were there for a change. I haven't seen some of them in over a month!

M informed me that Gio won a world championship class.  After he won, D told her to call me and let me know that the demon horse won, but her cell phone didn't have a signal!  Poo!

When I got to the barn, M asked if I wanted to turn Blondie out in the indoor and watch her run around for a few minutes before everyone else arrived.  It was fun watching her frolicking around the arena.  She's so pretty!  She was trotting nicely (with no shoes on), and then she'd start galloping around, kicking up her heels.  I hope she enjoyed herself, because she's going back to work Thursday - we have a show to get ready for in April!

To give Harley a break, Jimmy is now a lesson horse.  When I asked M to tell her husband to hurry up and get Blondie racking, she said we could leave her 3 gated and she's good to go, but I would have more fun if she's 5 gaited.  It will take a while to teach her to rack (boohoo!).  As a consolation prize, I got to ride Jimmy in the group lesson.  I don't know if it makes up for it!

Jimmy wanted to trot right at the get go, so I ended up posting the trot for about 20 minutes without a break.  I was so tired!  Then we cantered, and he has a really nice canter the first way of the ring.  When we turned around and went the other way, he was a lot stronger and faster.  He was fun to ride, except for one annoying habit.  He dives his head down about every 4 or 5 strides, and I didn't know how to correct him before he did it.  I wanted to strangle him by the end of the lesson!

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