Sunday at the Barn – I’m Sick Again!

I haven't been feeling well for the past few days, and today I had to admit that I'm sick.  I hope it's just a cold, because our health insurance sucks now and I don't want to have to go to the doctor.

Anyhoo, I headed off to the barn, an extra wad of tissues tucked into every pocket.  The turbo heater was happily blasting away, so I stand at the edge of it's warm air.  My feet were cold for a change, and even the hand warmers deposited through my clothes did little to alleviate the cold.

The kids got Blondie ready, and then M warmed her up for me.  After I got on, all we worked on was trotting and walking.  For the trotting,  the emphasis was on keeping her corners square and not letting her duck out at the end.  For the walking, M walked next to us to check her if she started trotting. 

I think I did better on her today, but D wasn't out there shaking the bag whip, and she kind of putzed around the ring.  We switched back to a running martingale and two sets of reins.  At one point, I almost ran her up Woody's rearend when D stopped in front of us.  I was using Woody to check Blondie's speed and wasn't quite prepared for when they came to a halt.

I didn't linger after the lesson, as I wasn't feeling well and it was cold out. 

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