Lesson 7.20

There’s actually a hint of spring in the air!! I wonder how long it will last before we get blasted by another bout of cold weather. I was actually excited at the prospect of riding again – it’s been so cold that it has been a challenge to be appropriately enthusiastic.  (Revised - the hint of spring has been replaced by gusty, cold winds)

D had already worked Blondie, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting that I would ride her again for the group lesson until we get some of the kinks worked out between us. I was given my choice of which horse to ride, and since Gio still had ice baggies hanging from his door, I figured he was out of the running. I decided on Jimmy, because he’s more of a challenge than Harley, and it’s been a while since the last time I rode him.

M warmed him up for me, and she said that he’s a lot like Blondie, only more broke. He has the same issues; if you don’t sit on him, he starts doing the cha-cha and he speeds up. When I got on, she told me to concentrate on keeping him at a steady cadence, and on sitting back in the saddle. After she watched for a while, she said that I was bumping him with my lower leg, which was sending him to a faster pace. The same thing was happening at the canter; my lower leg is not steady, and I keep bumping the horse’s side. This tells the horse to go faster. I seem to have a problem keeping my leg turned in, my toes in, my butt in the saddle, and my back straight. Oh, and my hands steady so I’m not yanking on the horse’s mouth the whole time. I thought that I was coordinated, but I am obviously mistaken.

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  1. Mara says:
    Spring! I never thought the time would come when I veiwed 30 degrees as warm. The past few weeks have certainly changed that. 😉 You’re not the only one noticing the signs of spring. This evening when I got home from work, Ding wanted to go out for a walk! Alas, I was unable to take him as I had to leave just a bit later to go to class. If the weather is still nice this weekend, maybe I’ll take him out for a jaunt then.

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